• Plan for the Walker-Smith house at Narooma, probably unbuilt, SLNSW.

Lot 13, Lake View Drive, Narooma NSW, 1970 (unbuilt)

Snelling proposed this scheme for a two-bedroom brick residence on a sloping site in a subdivision of curving streets in Narooma on the NSW south coast. His scheme is significantly different from the house which occupies this site today.

The north-facing site overlooks the Wagonga Inlet and slopes steeply downwards from a south boundary on The Loop to the north boundary on Lake View Drive. Snelling's scheme showed a car entry from The Loop to a semi-detached carport on the south-east side of the site, at the rear of the house. This was a contrary strategy to the current residence's driveway, which curves up from Lake View Drive to a double garage under the living room—thus obliterating Snelling's idea to install a view-facing guest suite and terrace under the main floor of the house.

Snelling's main floor plan proposed a main bedroom, study-TV-guest room and the living area to face north to the water view and be linked by a full-width outdoor terrace. The south (rear) half of the house would include the ensuite and shower-toilet facing a shubbery screening the carport on the east side of the site, a central entry lobby and kitchen, and the dining room in the south-west corner.

The architecture was functional, with none of the Pacific tribal flourishes that were exemplified in his Kelly House 2 and Little houses. Like the Bolin house in Terrigal—designed around the same time and on a similarly unambitious budget)—it included shallow-pitched steel roof, vertically striped articulation of brick panels and glazed panels on the east and west elevations, contrasted by horizontal articulations on the north facade and a combination of vertical and horizontal screening and panelling for the south (rear carport) elevation.


Sydney: SLNSW PICMAN PXD 778, architectural drawings contributed by Jim Whitelock.