• Vacuum Oil office entry, D&G 1948.

Kembla House, 58 Margaret Street, Sydney, 1948

Few details are provided in the one article found about this project, but from the two photographs, it appears that Snelling’s key design gesture was to contrast horizontal and vertical lines to optically expand visitors’ impressions of space in the company’s small ‘vestibule’. Horizontal strips of what appears to be metallic laminate wrap around the curved corner of the L-shaped reception desk and continue on the wall behind it ‘to suggest a much larger area than has been allowed’.

In the adjacent entry passage, vertical lines of woodgrain, vertical timber blades and a floor-to-ceiling space divider, ‘assist the impression of a lofty hall’. On the timber entry wall, a large mural advertised the company; in the reception room, two Snelling webbed lounge chairs were provided.


—Decoration and Glass. 1948. ‘Modern reception room: designer Douglas B. Snelling Associates’, July–August, p. 29.