22 The Crescent, Vaucluse, NSW, 1970

Drawings for the Blake Pelly house, SLNSW.

Now demolished, this house for Mr and Mrs Blake Pelly was a substantial, two-bedroom renovation to a modest existing residence; producing a complex, multi-pitched roofscape that was not characteristic of Snelling’s usual architecture. All main amenities were planned on the upper floor, with the main bedroom suite, study, and living room sharing a large sundeck. The second bedroom, three shower rooms, dining room, and kitchen were further east, oriented to a courtyard that separated the house from a garage-storage pavilion higher up the sloping site. On the lower floor, a playroom and storage supplemented some small existing rooms whose functions were unspecified on the floor plan.


—Sydney: SLNSW, PICMAN Archive, PXD 778, architectural drawings by Jim Whitelock.