Perspective of the Max Factor seminar centre.

431 Glebe Point Road, Glebe, NSW, 1967

On the roof of the two-storey building occupied by the local branch of American cosmetics company Max Factor, Snelling built a one-storey seminar and hospitality centre for staff training courses and presentations of new products.  

From Snelling’s plans and perspective drawings, archived at the State Library of New South Wales, the new pavilion was square in plan, with a flat roof. It incorporated a vestibule next to the lift with doors leading to a large lunch room, a lounge, and a lecture theatre. The lunch room and lounge were combined in an open plan, with the lunch room illuminated by floor-to-ceiling glazing facing west across Glebe Point Road, and the lounge facing north and east to a roof terrace, with views of the Sydney city skyline.

Plan for the Max Factor seminar centre.

No specifications of building materials were noted on the Snelling drawings. Minor and uncertain structural evidence of the pavilion appeared evident on the roof of this office building in 2004, long after the Max Factor occupancy and after substantial renovations in a post-modern style (with panels of glass blocks) that appeared to have been completed in the 1980s.


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