• Shop floor plan for the MacKellys department store in Grafton, SLNSW.

45 Prince Street, Grafton, NSW, 1950

Surviving plans suggest that Snelling renovated the interior of a one storey building on the main street of a rural town, to upgrade a family-owned department store with extensive display, counter, and stock storage cabinetry. Drawings show his divisions of the large rectangular space into sales sections for dress materials, haberdashery, manchester, hosiery, cosmetics, clothing (for women, boys and girls), dressing gowns and mercery. Three different plans were drawn for the corner allocated to offices for the proprietor, secretary, and administration staff; it is not known which of these plans was built. The company closed all its stores in 2011.


—Sydney: SLNSW PICMAN PXD 874, Mackellys department store renovation drawings.

—Kelly, Andrew. Personal communications, ca. 2004.