• Internal stairs at Liddle and Epstein, Sydney (Max Dupain).

35 (now 1) Macquarie Street, Sydney, 1954–56

Snelling designed modern headquarters for J. H. Liddle and Epstein Pty Ltd, an office equipment supplier. His building replaced a 19th-century wool storage shed at East Circular Quay, Sydney. The 20-ft-wide site provided two facades and entrances: one looking west across the ferry wharves, the other facing east to the Botanic Gardens, accessed from the higher ground of Macquarie Street.

The original two-storey, gable-roofed brick shed was extensively fire-damaged, and Snelling stripped the interior and removed the old stone wall facing Macquarie Street. His new building was constructed with blond bond brickwork and the east and west-facing curtain walls were dramatically sunshaded by aluminium brise-soleil, fabricated in an irregular geometric pattern, with 1 ft 6 in reveals casting dynamic shadow effects across the interior walls.

At the Macquarie Street entrance, he incorporated a wall of opaque white glass interspersed with vertical black mullions to emulate a Japanese shoji screen. This highlighted the back wall of an entry porch decorated with a trio of plants in conical black metal pots. Above the ground floor, Snelling covered the full glazing to the offices with spectacular aluminium brise-soleil in an irregular geometric pattern that cast extraordinary shadow plays across the interiors. Although it was photographically documented by Max Dupain, this project was not seriously published and the building was later demolished.


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