• Woolworths staff at the Hermitage Training Centre.

22 Vaucluse Road, Vaucluse, NSW, 1965

In 1964, Woolworths purchased The Hermitage, a Victorian Gothic mansion built on two acres (0.8 ha) of hillside land beside a private beach on Sydney Harbour. The estate was designed in 1870 by architect Edward Mason Hunt for property owner William C. Wentworth, and construction was completed in 1878.

In 1964, Australia's largest company, Woolworths, purchased the Hermitage estate. Its then-chairman, Sir Theo Kelly, commissioned Snelling to design a small addition to the mansion, incorporating a lecture theatre and lounge to allow the company to use the house as a residential staff training centre.

(Snelling also designed a new house for Sir Theo and Nancy Kelly, on another part of the Hermitage estate, which a Kelly-owned private company purchased from Woolworths. See Kelly House 2, Tahiti.)


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