Park and George Streets, Sydney, 1966–67

In 1966 and 1967, Woolworths moved its headquarters from the corner of Pitt and Market Streets to the Bebarfields department store building on Park and George Streets, opposite the Town Hall. Snelling designed the new boardroom and managing director’s suite on the eighth floor and a multi-purpose suite for staff training seminars, executive dining, and functions on the ninth floor.

No photographs have been found of these facilities, but former Woolworths staff architect John Gibbins recalled that some redwood panelling from the Pitt and Market Street boardroom was reused ‘to square off an end wall’ in the dining area. Other materials that he remembered were sprayed vermiculite ceilings, redwood panelling, carpet in an earthy color, and beige paint, with various special-purpose lighting fixtures. The boardroom was windowless, air-conditioned. and sound-proofed. It was demolished after Snelling’s client and friend, Sir Theo Kelly, retired as chairman of Woolworths in the late 1960s.


—Gibbins, John. Personal communications, ca. 2003.

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