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Updating the AU academic ban against Snelling’s biographer

Posted by Davina Jackson 10 February 2016


Australian universities and government agencies have confirmed nationwide agreements by academic leaders to fail Davina Jackson's RMIT PhD thesis on Douglas Snelling – and to prevent her from 'gaining credibility' in academia.

Denouements in the saga of antipodean scholars' antipathy to Jackson and Snelling include:

Victorian Ombudsman supports its universities' rejections

The Victorian Ombudsman's office has decided again (after a third tranche of evidence) that RMIT leaders were ..... Read More

London architecture scholars appraise Snelling

Posted by Davina Jackson 19 November 2015


In 2016, centenary of Douglas Snelling's birth at Gravesend, on the Thames east of London, British publishers Ashgate-Routledge are launching the first book about Douglas Snelling. How will his career and creations be judged by architecture historians in his birth country?

Two thought leaders with London's Architectural Association School of Architecture – Mark Cousins and John Andrews – provide their initial impressions of Snelling as an 'Englishman abroad'. Before commenting, they separately ..... Read More

UK historians reverse decision to publish Snelling

Posted by Davina Jackson 18 November 2015


This year's editors of Architectural History, annual journal of the Society of Architectural Historians of Great Britain (SAHGB), have reversed their decision to publish a substantial summary article on England-born Douglas Snelling's pan-Pacific career.

Its main reason for the last-minute rejection was 'a commercial consideration' to avoid potential duplication of the article content with Jackson's forthcoming book on Snelling, which is contracted with UK academic publishers Ashgate (now Routledge).

Architectural ..... Read More

British history publishers welcome Snelling

Posted by Davina Jackson 6 March 2015


Douglas Snelling will enter the canon of British architectural history with two new publications later this year; just in time for the February 2016 centenary of his inauspicious birth at Gravesend, on the Thames Estuary, east of London.

As well as the forthcoming Ashgate book Douglas Snelling: Pan-Pacific Modern Architecture and Design, based on Davina Jackson's controversial PhD thesis, a 15,000 word essay on Snelling has been accepted for publication in the 2015 edition of Architectural ..... Read More

New Pacific modern publications from ANZ historians

Posted by Davina Jackson 26 November 2014


Australia and New Zealand architectural historians are leading a new thrust to densify scholarship on pan-Pacific modern architecture and design.

Beyond Taschen's three popular 'Tiki Style' monographs and 2014 Paris exhibition by Los Angeles 'urban archaeologist' Sven A. Kirsten, the antipodean academics are developing new themes and evidence on architects and buildings in Hawaii and sub-equatorial Pacific islands.

Recent advances include:

—Jennifer Taylor and James Conner, former ..... Read More

Snelling research accepted by UK publisher Ashgate

Posted by Davina Jackson 14 October 2014


One of Britain's leading scholarly publishers, Ashgate, has approved publication of a book based on Davina Jackson's controversial PhD research on the life, work and significance of Douglas Snelling.

Jackson's proposal was endorsed by two anonymous academic reviewers – one from Britain and the other from Australia.

Ashgate's acceptance follows earlier 'in principle' approvals of the thesis by editors at the University of Melbourne's Miegunyah Press, UNSW Press and Thames and Hudson – ..... Read More