• Elevations for the Berk car showroom, SLNSW.

William and Riley Streets, East Sydney, NSW, 1950–51

Nine sheets of blueprint working drawings, deposited with the State Library of New South Wales by Snelling’s late 1940s and early 1950s associate, Peter Macallum, are the only known record of this car showroom project, which seems not to have been published. Snelling's clients were Ira L. and A. C. Berk.

The drawings include no notes specifying finishes but some sales desks and counters were drawn in woodgrain. Three ‘elevations’ (more accurately, cross-sections) showed tubs of large succulent-style shrubs arranged around the edges of the car display floor, which would have been laid with polished concrete.

The William Street facade was mostly formed with large sheets of plate glass, with a central entrance and vertically panelled metal fascia along the top of the building. Exterior signage was in a stylish, condensed, sans-serif typeface: announcing the name of the company and the brand message ‘Hudson Packard Renault International’. Internally, a mezzanine floor was provided for storage.


—Sydney: SLNSW PICMAN PXD 874, Berk car showroom plans.